What's Your Exercise "Thing" That You'll Do?

What’s your exercise “thing”? Do like to hear “Do this.” or “Which do you prefer?” We all like choices! We all have preferences. Your West Palm Beach chiropractor is up for offering you options when it comes to exercise.  Moses Chiropractic just wants you to exercise. You choose how! When you choose, the results are better in terms of satisfaction and pain relief. Moses Chiropractic's chiropractic care is all about you and your West Palm Beach back pain relief.


Including spinal manipulation and/or supervised rehabilitation exercise to home exercise alone for older adults suffering with chronic low back pain improves their satisfaction with care. (1) Could this come from having a professional check on you and your healing periodically? If you are performing home exercise all by yourself, you don’t get the benefit of someone caring for you, checking on your progress objectively, confirming that you are healing. Moses Chiropractic is here for our West Palm Beach chronic low back pain patients with spinal manipulation, exercise guidance and objective encouragement. Chronic low back pain is hard to deal with. It often holds you back from doing what you want to do. It tends to also reduce your quality and enjoyment of life.


Moses Chiropractic wants our West Palm Beach back pain patients to perform what they want and like what they do. Exercise helps. Performing a form of exercise that a back pain patient enjoys raises the chance that he or she will exercise. What do you like to do? A recent study of older adults – 65 to 85 years – compared the effectiveness of Pilates exercise to aerobic exercise on a treadmill for chronic low back pain. The study proposes that either will reduce pain and improve balance and function and that Pilates may be more helpful since its exercises target the trunk stabilization muscles. Either way, matching patient preference to an exercise program is the goal to boost patient care satisfaction, pain reduction and quality of life. (2)

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Dean Lehmkuhler  on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson who uses a personalized exercise program with Cox® Technic treatment to enhance patient exercise benefit. 

Schedule your West Palm Beach chiropractic appointment now. Moses Chiropractic does not want to say “Do this.” and discover later that you didn’t exercise at all because it was not your “thing”. Moses Chiropractic wants to make sure you are content with exercise so you will do it! Let’s discover your exercise “thing” together!

West Palm Beach back pain patients who pick their exercise are more satisfied with their quality of life and their pain relief. 
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